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Ointment for skin

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:28 am
by joyous
I wanted to let everyone know that I found this ointment and :P its works wonders - I have ulcers on the top of both feet.

My family doctor sent me to a :cry: specialize so when I call the doctor office for appointment the nurse sent me to Therapy. Right like that is going to do anything - :x :x THE DOCTOR NEVER SAW ME.

So I was going there for 2 months not every week - only when I could and beside that I kept falling all the time and boy the cost is something else. I have not been back to Therapy since last week and the Therapist is suppose to call the doctor - hahaha I call the Therapist the other day and she never got back to me - well I gues that was that.

So I buy most of my stuff on the internet - I was looking for a cream cause the feeling on the skin was real bad - I would cry at the pain - until I found this ointment (AQUAPHOR from Eucerin)

:D 8) :lol: I want to tell you that I can not believe my eyes the redness in my foot is almost gone, except where the sores are I am just imazine of how good this stuff works - so yesterday I went on line and got 2 jars of the ointment and my feet still swells - the wounds are almost close - they still hurt at night but I can not wear shoes right now - I've been wear flip flops.

So I sure hope my family and friends will try this Aquaphor and let us know how it work with you.

hugs & kisses


PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 3:02 pm
by patoco
Hi Again Smiler (I will always remember) :wink:

I replied to Lets Talk to...but wanted to put a note here too that I soooooo agree with you. Aquaphor is great stuff. Been using it for a long time and wouldn't think of using anything else.

That doctor sounds like he needs a whack upside the head. :evil:

A bunch of us have left our PCP too (same guy) because he basically shows he really doesn't want to be bothered. When a doctor feels that way or won't even see you like yours did, they really need to get another job...maybe flipping burgers or cleaning outhouses.

Big hug to ya - brings a smile to my heart to hear from you. You'll always be a very special person. :!: :!:

(Papa bear)