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Postby rosegardener » Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:55 am

i have what i think is the beginnings of lymphedema on my belly on one side. i am very fat, so i guess if it were to progress it would be Massive Localized Lymphedema of the pannus.
i think it was triggered, or at least worsened by my seatbelt pressing across my stomach. i am now placing the seatbelt under my belly and it seems to be helping. if i wear the seatbelt across my stomach i get a ridge that is noticeable for days.
i searched both this site and the web in general for other people with the same problem, and didn't find anyone. i did find lots of sites advising lymphedema patients on airplanes to loosen their seatbelts whenever allowed. i know some people advise against having blood pressure cuffs on an arm with it.
has anyone had a similar experience with seatbelts?
as a fat person, i have been worried about developing lymphedema ever since i saw a young woman on a MTV documentary with it in her legs. it was an excellent program, showed her being treated by professional lymphedema massage therapists and having the wrapping done. she improved dramatically.
anyway, i wasnt sure it could happen other than on an arm or leg, but now of course i know it can. i cant imagine anything comparable to wrapping a leg being done to a big belly.
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Re: seatbelts

Postby rosegardener » Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:06 am

i just found the blog of the woman from MTV true life, and a video clip of the show, including treatment. [lots of photos] ... 625496515#
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Re: seatbelts

Postby patoco » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:48 am

Hi Rose

Not sure if I'm suppose to say this or not, but Amy has been a long term member here and I have had the very enjoyable pleasure of meeting her personally and talking with her. I'm sure that Amy would respond to any correspondance sent her at her blog regarding what she has been through with lymphedema.

Also, I remember at one conference we both attended that she wasn't aware I was kinda evedropping on a conversation she was having with a fellow patient. I was so touched by her sensitivity to that patient and impressed by her knowledge relating to the problems of LE and obesity.

Also, there are suppose to be ways in each of the states where allowances and alterations can be made on people wearing seatbelts. If it is medically necessary (or safer) for the person to not wear a belt exactly the way it was originally intended you should be able to get some type of accomodating.

Finally, if you think you are beginning to get LE of the abdomen, please let your LE therapist know asap, so that you can see what can be done to help prevent it or to keep it at a minimum. Abdominal LE is far more common then you would think and believe me, once it gets going it can be really miserable.

I hope and pray it isn't starting on you, but again, please, please let you therapist know.

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