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Massive Lymphedema Lump On My Leg...Help!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:48 pm
by KnockOut
Here's my story. I had weight loss surgery in July (my starting weight was 557) and have lost 160 pounds! I have a VERY large lump on the inside of my right thigh that I always thought was just cellulite. However, after researching online I realized it was a lymphatic pseudotumor. When I went through the procedure of getting the surgery I visited a lymphedema specialist who told me that I would have to do "a few treatments" and that combined with weight loss would "get me back to normal in no time." Well a few months after the surgery when I had fully recovered I went back and spoke with a different therapist. She basically told me I'd have to come in and get wrapped and massaged for 1 1/2 hrs 5 days a week for anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, in which case I wouldn't be able to wear a shoe or pants, and then we would move into the maintenance phase. Well there's a multitude of problems with that solution...

A) My job would never allow that kind of time off work

B) My co-pay for this place is $50 per visit, so $250 a week is not possible in any way whatsoever

I left there feeling more hopeless and lost than I've ever felt. I just got married to a beautiful woman in November and this thing on my leg is the only thing preventing me from having an idyllic life.

I saw the episode of that show Heavy where that guy had his lump (which was very similar to mine) removed and it gave me a little hope, but a lot of the online research I've done about surgical removal seems to recommend against it. I need some answers please.

Here are a couple of pics of the lump....

This is a frontal view with shorts on


And this is taken from the side while I'm sitting in a chair