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When wrapping becomes ineffective

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:35 pm
by Tim
I've endured 3 serious infections over the past 7 years in my LE left leg requiring at least a week in the hospital. The last one occurred last month. Per my routine for the post-infection recovery, I've been wrapping to get the swelling down. To my great disappointment, wrapping is not reducing my leg swelling as it once did. I fear this last infection, that spread so fast and included my hip and abdomen, has done more damage in my hip and this is blocking the fluid from leaving my leg.

What is the commonality of this? Have you encountered this too? I keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but it keeps getting dimmer and dimmer.


Re: When wrapping becomes ineffective

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:52 pm
by patoco
Hey Tim

Hang in there bro :!: :!:

I have undergone something similar with my legs. It just is due to the overall tissue health after so many infections and with so much fluid triggering even more fibrosis.

It may be that it is going to be essential that you go through a course of CDT/MLD and restart the wrapping contingent on the leg size after that. Contact your lymphedema therapist and see if you can get in for some treatment.

Tim, have you ever tried being on preventative antibiotics? My bouts were so massive and constant, I had to finally go on an antibiotic everyday. It has worked super well for me. In all the years now that I have been doing that I have had only about three minor infections - absolutely nothing like those one I used to get.


Re: When wrapping becomes ineffective

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:00 pm
by Tim
Thank you Pat, Regarding the daily antibiotics, yes one of the consulting doctors during my last hospital stay told me I was a good candidate for this. I have his card on my desk and was planning to call for an appointment on Monday to get me started on that protocol.
I was hoping to avoid the formal therapist CDT/MLD only because I figured I've been through the drill enough to know how to do it myself. And that's what I've been doing: compression wrapping + using my Flexitouch for the MLD. After one week, parts of my leg have reduced 1-2 CM while other areas have increased or remained the same. :(

I'll mention all this to my doctor. MLD massage is the only upside to having LE.. but it always comes with the compress wrapping string attached. Nuts.