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Blister leaking, tape irritation

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:38 am
by leece
Hello. I'm new to the community. My name is Lisa. I have a cluster of blisters that formed on the bottom of my left leg (above the ankle) about a month ago. This is my first go round with blisters (have had LE for over 12 yrs but wasn't finally diagnosed until 5 yrs ago; have LE in both legs and lower abdominal area). One of them broke open and has been weeping ever since. I've been using gauze pads and triple antibiotic ointment, changing it twice a day, and was using a cloth tape by Curad that wasn't very sticky so I tried a foam tape and that has irritated my skin. I think both tapes have irritated it, actually. And the skin is very itchy and stinging, and there is a small wound. I just read the page regarding wound care, but didn't see anything there regarding blisters. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if using diaper cream on blisters is recommended, and also if I can ever expect this blister to heal. I don't have insurance of any kind or money to go to a doctor, unfortunately. Thanks. :)

Re: Blister leaking, tape irritation

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:10 pm
by leece
Just to add, now the area is extremely itchy, the skin split a little bit on one spot about 1 1/2" long where the tape was, and the skin where the blisters are and that surrounds them is now reddish. The largest blister that has a tear and leaks has turned a dark color like that of a bruise. I made an appointment to see a PCP tomorrow. I am still using gauze pads with triple antibiotic cream then wrapping with rolled gauze and taping it to itself (not the skin) with paper tape, then wrapping the leg with a compression bandage.

Re: Blister leaking, tape irritation

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:35 am
by leece
Another update, in case this ever helps any future readers. PCP doc said that the area was in the "onset of cellulitis" and wrote me a prescription for Bactrim, twice per day for 10 days. Filled it at Walmart's pharmacy for $3.60. He told me when I am at home and have it elevated to keep it open so it can get air. He said 50% of the time wrapped, 50% of the time airing out, and at night to "loosely wrap it", which I really cannot do as the loose wrap would just come off as I sleep, so I'll keep it securely wrapped anyway. And I will follow-up with the doc in 2 weeks.

Re: Blister leaking, tape irritation

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:57 am
by blubrdfrend
I appreciate your post. I have many, many blisters on my leg, just above the ankle. So far I haven't had one to burst. I try to be very careful when working in the yard. I always keep it wrapped or a stocking on outside. Do you know what caused your blister to break?

Re: Blister leaking, tape irritation

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:17 pm
by patoco
Hi leece

Sorry for no reply from me yet, but the ole lymphedema has been being bad this week. Infact, I have a new huge draining area on my left leg (sound familiar?)

Bactrim is good to help prevent cellulitis. I take one a day and since I started taking I haven't had any cellulitis spells that required IV antibiotics or hospitalizations. They have been super mild and went away quickly. Before I started that, once I was on two IV antibiotics for months before we finally got rid of the infection.

Actually, I also use bay diaper ointment on leaky areas. It has zinc in it and zinc is a wonderful skin healing agent. It also will help prevent the fluid from getting on the skin surrounding the drippy spot. That is important as the fluid can be very bad for the skin - breaks it down.

BTW that fluid is called Lymphorrhea - this page gives some info on it. ... orrhea.htm

So, I would first put the ointment on/around the spot. Then I would cover that spot with some gauze squares and then my compression wraps over it. It is going to be important to try to hold down the swelling. As the swelling increases, it prevents the skin from coming together.

Be sure to keep th leg up when you are keeping it open to the air.

let us know how you do!!!!