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Fibrous Tumor Nodules

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:34 pm
by blubrdfrend
I have been searching the post for information on nodules. I have many blisters that are on the back of my leg. The skin is red and the blisters are thick and seem to be filled with a clear liquid. There are more each year. I read a post by Pat where he mentioned that he had fibrous tumors removed while he was in the hospital. I am not sure what a fibrous tumor looks like or why it would need to be removed. Thank you in advance for any information.

Re: Fibrous Tumor Nodules

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:13 am
by patoco
Hey Betty

There are basically a couple types of "nodules" I get. One is the type you are talking about. These are very very common in lymphedema and they are due to again, vascular changes in the dermal layers of the skin. When you are sitting, of course it is the back of the leg that "mashes" down. It could be that circulation is more impaired as a result and/or the skin is simply becoming more irritated due to the constant pressure. There are a couple things you might try.

Be sure to use lotion before you put on any compression garment or compression bandage. I personally use Eurcerin. Also, I use an "underwrap" before I wrap with the short stretch bandages. You can buy these cotton stockinettes from any LE supplier. For me, this is preferred because they last a long time, can be washed and are quite comfortable. This soft cotton material will prevent the chaffing effect of the compression bandage. My skin is so bad, that it doesn't take much to cause an irritation/inflammation.

Also, MLD will help prevent these. The more swollen you leg is and the more fibrosis you have, the more apt you are to get these. When these get too irritated, they will start to leak fluid (called lymphorrhe) - see: ... orrhea.htm.
and of course if they get irritated, the chances of getting an infection goes way up too.

The other nodule I get is an actual tumor. They are usually rounder, they also grow lik a mushroom, in that they have a stem. I have them removed for several reasons. First, they can get so large that even wearing pants irritates them. Then they become inflammed, cause the skin around them to leak fluid. There is also a difference in the way two two types of nodules feel. The fluid filled blisters feel like they are full of fluid if you (very very very gently) press them. Also, when you consistently due compression wrapping, they will actually go flat.

The fibrous tumors on the other hand are very firm. No matter how faithful you are in wrapping, they do NOT go flat like the blisters do.

I also have them removed when they get a certain size because I have actually had them pulled off. One time a larger one was pulled off somehow in my sleep. When they get pulled off like that, it can be a real mess, with blood and fluid everywhere.

Finally, I also have them removed because as a cancer survivor any type of growth like this needs to come off and be biopsied. With one exception, all the tumors that were positive for lymphoma were actually coming up through the dermal layers. So, it is important that we find out if they are malignant or not.

I hope this helps. Sometimes, I don't explain things as well s I should, so if you need more input, please don't hesitate to let me know.

BTW, from what I understand these fibrous tumors are actually not so common with LE as the blisters are.


Re: Fibrous Tumor Nodules

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:08 pm
by blubrdfrend
Pat, thank you for your reply. I was afraid that these blisters were tumors. I am relieved to hear that they are blisters and not tumors that might need to be removed. These blisters do flatten with pressure. The doctor probably never mentioned the blisters because they are common. I will take care to keep my skin lubricated. I have not tired Eurcerin, but I will.
Thank you, :D