question please

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question please

Postby carol » Tue Jul 24, 2007 4:05 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am finding it really hard to GET to sleep as i am wrapping my arm every night and it is really helping my le.
I fought this for a long time but now i am doing it.....only problem is i can't GET to sleep with all the padding and my arm is straight out.
I do take elavil 25 for other pain issues i have at night.
On another breast cancer board someone said ELAVIL will give you WEIGHT/EDEMA and it is not good for le.
Tried to research this but really can't get a answer.
Can someone who knows how to check this please let me know as i don't want to make my le worse.
I also am going to try melanion(sp) and see if i can get to sleep.
I am also going to put on some ocean waves and see if this helps.
I need to sleep. le hugs carol
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Elavil and lymphedema

Postby patoco » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:37 am

Hey Carol

I found references everywhere to the point that one side effect of Elavil can be edema.

The frustrating thing is that there are not studies that I could find that clear a clear understanding of why.

I'm wondering if it might be associated with the decreased liver function, kidney function that occurs with it - or if it has some effect on the lymph system itself.

I know that NSAID's cause edema because it stops the micro-contractions of the lymph system, which is essential to lymphatic flow.

It's interesting too though that while Elavil has proven effective for certain chronic and neuropathic pain, it also can interfere or disrupt the natural sleep-wake cycle. So from that I'm not sure that it is condusive to good sleep. It interfers with this cycle by its "blocking" of seratonin.

I had some success using melantonin for sleep - but only for a short while.

I hear you about sleep Carol....what I wouldn't give for one good night's sleep.

During and shortly after my hospital experience last year, I was put on Ativan for neuropathic pain - but that can be so addictive that I chose to not continue it. :cry: it also was great for helping me sleep.

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thanks Pat

Postby carol » Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:08 pm

Thanks for the info on Elavil......been on it for years first 75mg for nighttime pain from spinal stenosis and lots of arthritis and other stuff.
I did wean myself down to 25mg and been taking 10mg the last 2 nights with melantonin and it seems like the older i get i get more side effects from meds. (66)
I bought a cd called Dreamsurf" ocean waves for relation. You know what is is so relaxing listening to it and i went right to sleep the last 2 night but waking up at 3pm but i am going to keep doing it.
I am not the type that relaxes husband closes his eyes and he is out in 5 minutes.....uuuuugggg lol
Praying for you that your le doesn't get worse....keep up the good work you do Pat.....le hugs Carol
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