Diet ?

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Diet ?

Postby LYLY » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:41 am

Hello !
I have a chronic LE in my left foot and hankle for years.
I am desperatly trying to find a way , a method to keep the swelling down .
The heat and standing position don't help . I saw on a few topics on the forum that some categories
of food should be avoided . Can you please tell me which ones ?
Are protein good ? sugar ? carbs ?
Thank you ! :D
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Re: Diet ?

Postby patoco » Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:25 am

Hi Lyly :)

Super welcome to our family here :!: :!:

I wish you could rememb which posts, because my position has always been there is no protocol medical diet for lymphedema and there are no foods that should really be avoided.

Your diet is going to be based on your individual health and any co-mobidities (illnesses) you have.

The only two dietary suggestiosn are:

1.) to avoid a large salt intake as that dos cause yo to retain water. (you know those of us to add salt to everything?).

2.) eat an adequate amount of protein. Many people get confused about this and there is a ton of bad misinformation out there regarding protein. Some people think that since the fluid that collects in our limbs is full of protein, that if we eat a low protein deit, it will help. The reality is the opposite. That protein is waste protein from basic body metabolism. If you fail to eat the proper amount of protein and get protein deficiency then edema will be the result.

The real key in diet is to maintain a health weight. It [url]has[/url] been demonstrated that morbid obesity can in and of itself trigger lymphedema and if you have existing lymphedema obesity is going to make it worse.

You'll see people claim you should avoid coffee, avoid sugar etc etc.....but that is all personal opinion and these folks simply have no clinical evidence to support their opinion.

So... (in a nutshell) :) a healthy diet...and exercise...maintain a proper weight.

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Re: Diet ?

Postby langels » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:42 pm

I am amzed that people don't push flavornoid and bio flavors . waterfall diet guys I been on it for years and it help my leggs stay smaller but my belly has a injury leaking cuasing my dormant body absorbing lymph edema to get bigger. from neglect of doctors taking care of me. as its absorbed by tissue.
eating no food allergies. and do food testing or get an allergist to test you. to help avoid those food. avoid caffine, anything that stresser as if you apply a colon diet it helps but you need to check out my waterdiet as its my waterfall diet help. also Air Sequential Compression Therapy
I found it helped in hospital for my leggs.
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Re: Diet ?

Postby patoco » Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:32 pm

Hi Again

I really have to kinda disagree with you on this.

It is true that bioflavonoids appear to have helped some, but there simply is no real clinical evidence to support their use in a major way. The problem with so many of these "studies" is that they have been sloppy in methods and control, so the outcomes are very much in question.

Also, the belief that lymphers should avoid caffeine is really like an old wives tale. There's just no truth to the claim that a cup or two a day is bad for us.

The problem with lymphedema is that the lymph system is damaged. That is why we can't throw off the fluid. If the plumbing isn't there or is clogged then the fluid isn't going to move - no matter what. Doing the Waterfall diet is not going to cause new lymphatics to suddenly sprout.... and that is what we need.

You could probably eliminate some fluid by going on the Waterfall diet - but again there is simply no evidence-based science that substantiates this should be a diet for lymphers. Don't I wish it were that simple...but it just doesn't work that way.

Finally, there is scientific evidence that compression therapy can damage the superficial lymphatics and thereby causing a worsening of the lymphedema. There are only two devices that apparently don't. One is the Flexi-touch and the other is mad by Bio-Compression using a Ried insert.

Same thing for any type of "colon" diet. If you eat a healthy diet with the proper foods, your colon stays perfectly fine. All this nonsense about cleansing diets just causes confusion, can cause further health problems and can even work against any meds you may need to be taking. Besides, the best body "cleanser" is pure simple water.

The important point about pumps is that it isn't that they do not work. They are very good at removing fluid.

The problem is that without clearance of the abdominal lymphatics, it pushes this fluid into the abdomen and has clinical shown to be responsibility for causing genital lymphedema. Again, the two devices that are safe in this regard are the above units.

Those abdominal lymphatics simply must be cleared before any fluid is moved into them. If you do chose to use pumps, it is imperative that you do self MLD to clear that area.

Also, people often use the pump as a replacement for manual lymph drainage - and it should not replace this treatment. There is a mountain of evidence on MLD/ or CDT (complex decongestive therapy) that indicates this is the gold standard treatment at the present time for lymphedema, used in conjunction with compression bandaging and garments.

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