lymph going all over again!

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lymph going all over again!

Postby angel » Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:12 pm

hello, me again.
I am just looking for a bit of input and help.
I had what only can described as an lymph attack yesterday.
At first I thought I was just tired and this led me to feel stressed out-but all my muscles went and I couldn't stop shaking and I was SO tired. I managed to lie down in the evening and I felt it had passed and I had done too much that day -I walked about a bit- so i went to bed thinking I would feel better this morning. I woke up to discover both sides of my face swollen, stomach has a bit of swelling,both legs aching swollen,top part of back swollen, and I have stabbing pains in my palms now and again.
It almost feels like a flare-up of somekind-just all over in little pockets.#I was off work today and will be off tommorow I think and will hopefully go back on thurs.
I just want a solution from this Mri I am getting next week-something they can do or explain why I have this swelling and what has caused it then I will feel better equipped to deal with it all.
any thoughts-thanks.
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Postby patoco » Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:44 pm

Hi Ya Angel :)

I hope too that you can find some answer with the MRI. I know what you must be going through as I went through something similar last year. :cry: It truely is a miserable experience.

If you don't have a therapist here is some info.

There is a great organization accross the pond called MLD UK

When you go to the home page look to the left and click on "MLD Therapists"

On that page you'll be able to locate a therapist throughout the British Isles.

You may also want to screen print some of the info here to take to your primary doc about lymphedema.


LEG LYMPHEDEMA ... hedema.htm

are just a couple pages that amy be helpful. It's really important that you get some help and are able to get a handle on the all over lymph. There are also thing like self lymph nodes stimulation, self massage of the arms and abdomen that will help.

But, most important is to try and figure out why this is happening. When you get the results of the MRI, do let us know :!: :!: :!:

Pat O
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Postby angel » Wed Apr 18, 2007 11:30 am

Thanks Pat-I do have a lymph therapist but to be honest I haven't wanted anyone to touch me over the past few days because I have been so uncomfortable plus there is the fininancial side-the mld works but only for a few days and then I fill up again. it is expensive and the lady is great but I feel it is not the answer.I want this Mri to sort it fix it orgive me the tools to cope with it having known the cause and get on with my life.
I just feel I have been left by the medical profession to suffer thus far and the MRI could be my answer. I just want to get it done next week and get on withy things knowing what UI can do next to help my condition.
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