Has lymphedema and no one can help me here (Bali, Indonesia)

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Has lymphedema and no one can help me here (Bali, Indonesia)

Postby Celestine » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:36 am

Hi all,

I was googling about lymphedema n came across this website. it made me feel good in a way cos it turns out i'm not the only one with lymphedema.

Mine is the left leg. I got it when i was 11 and now i'm 25. At that time, i got ant bites. the redness n itchiness were all gone but the leg has never been normal since. Until i was 21, i never really paid attention to my swelling leg cos i was busy with school matters. but since i graduated from university, it has become a big problem for me. i've started losing my confidence, i become super self-conscious. i've stopped wearing skirts, pants, anything that might show my swelling leg. Anytime and anywhere i never stop thinking about my swelling leg, and i think it's giving bad effect to my leg.
The swollen leg is around 2-5cm in diameter bigger than the normal one, from the toes until the thigh. the worst part (the most visible one for me) is from my calf to my foot.
I am grateful for still being able to do most activities, it's just that there are times (lots actually) that i wish my left leg were normal.

i feel much more comfortable in cold places (like air-conditioned rooms), which is quite difficult to maintain cos we dont have winter here. My left leg feels much worse if i walk a lot or am in hot or warm places. i was once told to avoid high heels, but even flat shoes dont help me at all, not even flip flops. Traditional massage worsens the condition.

i heard about soaking the leg in warm water and so i tried it and it only worsened my leg, it got bigger n became really red. so i stopped doing that too.
tried accupuncture too and it doesnt work.

i've been given lots of medication by doctors who couldnt even give me the right diagnosis. i had taken medication that made me go to the toilet a lot, another to improve bloodflow, vitamin B, another for my heart, so many that i cant remember each of them. But i've stopped taking medication now. The only thing that i can do for now is to stay in air-conditioned rooms most of the time and not walk too much or stand too long.

i've read some of the posts in this forum and MLD sounded great. Does anyone know where i can find MLD in my country, or the nearest possible country from Indonesia?
Thanks a lot for listening to me....
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