wrapping leg

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wrapping leg

Postby sshavers » Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:44 pm

My mother (87) was diagnosed with lymphedema the first of Dec. (after 2 months of tests!) She was hospitalized for 5 days with cellulitus. We have had to learn on our own. We have no doctors or health care providers in our area that know very much about lymphedema. We have home health care coming to her home but we have to show them what we have learned from reading and the internet. We do have an appointment with Dr. Paula Stewart (Birmingham) the first of March. I know when we see Dr. Stewart we will get this information but I need it now. I've read and read and everything is a little bit different. Her leg is waayyyyy down so I must be doing something right. My question is where can I find pictures or video of how to wrap correctly and how to do the massage? I went to bandages plus but could not find pictures of wrapping.
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Postby patoco » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:25 am

Hi Suzanne

Give my regards to Dr. Stewart when you see her.

Also, really want to express my appreciation for you helping your mom :!: :!: :!:

Start at this page - when you pull it up, there should be a list on the right side of the page There are four pages that are illustrated on leg wrapping:

Leg Wrap Lymphemdea I.

http://journals.aol.com/patoco2/Lymphed ... ted-1/1728

http://journals.aol.com/patoco2/Lymphed ... ted-2/1729

http://journals.aol.com/patoco2/Lymphed ... ted-3/1730

Knee Wrap Lymphedema (text)

http://journals.aol.com/patoco2/Lymphed ... edema/1731

Wrapping the Toes

http://journals.aol.com/patoco2/Lymphed ... rated/1727

This is on my AOL lymphedema blog: Lymphedemaville

BTW...here is our updated page on leg lymphedema:

Leg Lymphedema

http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/wiki/do ... lymphedema

Give your mom a hug for me

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Big Thanks

Postby sshavers » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:11 pm

Thank you for all the information. I am in the process of printing various articles and making a booklet. My mom might be 87 but she is as sharp as a tack! I give her information as I find it and between the 3 of us (i have a sister who helps) we are slowly beginning to understand. This site has been GREAT and I will continue to read and learn from all the valuable resources you have made available!
We are in the process of getting the FexiTouch pump and I just placed an order for the new bandaging you mentioned!
Again I can't thank you enough!
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