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Exudative enteropathy - heterogeneous group of illnesses and the pathological conditions, plasmatic fibers described by raised loss through a gastrointestinal tract with the phenomena of the broken absorption, a hypoproteinemia, edema|edemas, a delay of physical development.

Etiology, pathogenesis. Distinguish the primary (hereditary) and secondary (got) exudative enteropathy (at various chronic gastrointestinal diseases). In the majority of patients find out a lymphangiectasia on the limited site or on all extent of an intestine.

Disease develops was acutely after a year more often, transitional and chronic current however is not excluded. The clinic develops of following signs: edemas, a delay of physical development, a diarrhea, depression of mass of a body. Edemas can be small or widespread in the form of an anasarca. In a small number of cases cramps and an extreme degree of a dystrophia are observed. Loss of plasma fiber which contains also all classes of immunoglobulins, sharply reduces the general resistibility of children to infections and causes fixing current of infectious diseases.

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