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A condition marked by invasion of the deep subcutaneous tissues with fungi or actinomycetes.

actinomycotic mycetoma containing filamentous bacteria of the order Actinomycetales.

blackgrain mycetoma

a mycetoma may contain small, dense masses of necrotic material, some of them calcified. They may be yellow or white or black?hence blackgrain mycetoma.

eumycotic mycetoma

mycetoma containing fungi.

maduromycotic mycetoma

a disease of humans, but with a similar disease in horses and dogs. The common findings in lesions are the fungi Curvularia geniculata, Petriellidium boydii (syn. Allescheria boydii, Monosporium apiospermum). In horses Brachycladium spiciferum has also been identified. Characterized by an extensive distribution of mycetomas. The name originated from a commonly associated fungus Madurella spp.

white-grain mycetoma

caused by non-pigmented fungi, such as Neotyphodium spp. and Pseudallescheria spp.

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