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Member of the Sox multi-gene family (Sry-related HMG-box gene). The testis-determining gene SRY (480000) encodes a transcription factor characterized by a DNA-binding motif known as the HMG (high mobility group) domain. The SOX gene family consists of genes related to SRY, with a sequence identity of more than 60% to the SRY HMG box. See 600898.

Identified as responsible for/involved in the development of Hypotrichosis Lymphedema Telangiectasia Syndrome

Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience have found that when new blood vessels form – in developing embryos and in tumours – a gene, known as Sox18, switches on for just 48 hours. Dr Koopman, of the University of Queensland in a study done in 2000 said “The gene regulates blood vessel development and could allow the effective 'starving' of tumours reducing their ability to grow.”

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